I'd like to offer my help.

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I'd like to offer my help.

So, I know I'm very new here. :ugeek: -But I'd like to offer help with improving this sites appearance. I have years of experience moderating, administrating, and designing forums. I usually use Mybb, but I have worked with phpbb before also.

So, if you would like some help with making the forum look a little more catchy, not flashy, just give me a PM. I'm not looking for any type of payment, I just enjoy spending my free time playing with forum templates and css files to make the best look possible. :mrgreen:
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Re: I'd like to offer my help.

Unread postby mcmurrian » Mon Jul 23, 2012 9:31 am

If you are active on the forum and your posts are good we can discuss moderator rights.
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