Chateau Boo uprooted from Dunvegan Gardens

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Chateau Boo uprooted from Dunvegan Gardens

Chateau Boo, the latest casualty of an ongoing dispute between Dunvegan Gardens, Draper Road residents and the municipality.

That according to Boys and Girls Club Executive Director, Howard Rensler who says he's received notification that the event is no longer permitted at the gardening centre.

Adding that he'd hoped the municipality would have fought harder for the fundraiser in the Draper Road location.

"What I was hoping for,is that given their stated commitment to the event Chateau Boo, that they would find it in their hearts and logic to be able to permit the event, even as an accepted violation of some obscure land-use situation, but apparently that's not the case, we're not exceptional enough for them to make an exception."

Rensler says although the event will go on this October, hosting at the Club will mean fewer guests and increased operational costs.

"This is not the city saying that Chateau boo the event is not permitted, they're not really coming after Chateau Boo, they're involved in this complicated, very political back story concerning adjacent residents and Dunvegan Gardens, as I said, Chateau Boo and the Country fair are the fall-out from the that, the collateral damage from that."

Although the municipality has said they're invested in hosting the event, they've refused to clarify the cause for cancellation.

Rensler says that's something his staff and the community deserve to hear.

The Draper Road Residents Society and Dunvegan Management have declined to comment.
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