Dear David Update: Part 3

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Dear David Update: Part 3

If you haven't been following Adam Ellis's addicting story about being haunted by a creep child ghost named Dear David, you're going to want to start now. I have been following this Dear David story since the beginning, I have become truly invested in this story! If you have no idea what I am talking check out the full story here, here, and here!

He's been tweeting the story since August and since then he's collected a ton of weird videos and photos that'll make the hairs on the back of your neck stand! Let's just say that Adam is either a genius for putting together this incredible hoax or he is definitely, 100% going to die.

His posts lately have been sparse, but every now and then he'll update with something small. Recently, he noticed something particularly weird about his Instagram story.

What is a little creepy about all this, is the photo kinda makes him look like Dear David, at least the way that he describes him to be!

People speculated that David found a way to mess with his Instagram, he’s a ghost how can he work social media right? If true, though, it would totally make sense as to why Adam tweeted out this very random video of his cat freaking out:

Unlike the rest of Adams post about the little dude, this one came without any other tweets, no story, NOTHING! Which has people freaking out:

And of course it didn’t take people long to analyze the video, and here are what some people think:

Those who believed Adam Ellis was haunted by a deformed child called Dear David say his most recent pictures are obviously “fake” and prove the whole thing was a hoax. Which does make sense when you see the photos that he has shared!

This week he returned to Twitter, apologising for a fortnight’s absence as he said he has been struggling to sleep and has had weird dreams and sudden dizzy spells.

He said of waking up one night last week: “There was this a tangible feeling of… badness?


Then he started to post some pictures, I will warn you that this is where thinks get really creepy!





People are saying that this is proof that the whole “Dear David” thing has been fake and they say that he used a doll to stage the photos. He hasn’t really been posting about the little boy haunting him since these photos… but for his sake I am really hoping that this is fake and that is just a doll!

Like always, I will keep following this story and keep you updated!
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