Forget the Fidget, This is the Toothpick Crossbow

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Forget the Fidget, This is the Toothpick Crossbow

Sure, there are articles cropping up about the dangers and the evils of the dreaded fidget spinner, and we hope that no one is getting seriously harmed while spinning. But lets be real, the average spinner is lightweight plastic toy like so many before it. And when it’s used properly you not likely to run into any problems (aside from the damaged rep). So if we’ve made a mountain out of THAT molehill, prepare yourself for the fresh wave of popularity for THESE.

Yep, title says it all. Toothpick Crossbow. Shooting tiny sharp projectiles for all the fun. And people aren’t satisfying with loading their miniaturized instruments of death and destruction with toothpicks… because they shoot steel needles just as well.. Welcome to the new nightmare.
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