Fort McMurray Survives Coldest February in Over 50 Years

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Fort McMurray Survives Coldest February in Over 50 Years

We did it, Fort McMurray, we survived the coldest February in over half a century.

According to Environment Canada, our average temperature was -23.1, almost 10 degrees colder than our normal temperatures.

Meteorologist Brian Proctor tells Fort McMurray News they had to go all the way back to the 1960s to find a February that was just as cold.

“Probably the most recent occurrence of really cold temperatures was in 1965, so we’re going back 40 years or longer to see those temperatures that were that cold.”

Overall, last month’s temperatures rank in the top 10 of coldest February’s in our last 100-years. The cream of the crop would be back in 1936 where the average temperature was -30.8.

Over 80 per cent of Wood Buffalo’s population wasn’t even born to experience 1965’s frigid temperatures, according to the 2018 municipal census.

Different cities and communities across the province also experienced record low cold weather. Places like Fort Chipewyan, Grande Prairie, and Fort Vermilion were just a few who had a colder month than Fort McMurray.

Proctor says some places haven’t experienced temperatures like this in over 100 years.

“While some other communities in the province were a little bit colder in terms of long-term records, the coldest actually being Banff which was the coldest in 131 years and also Lloydminster, you guys were a little colder but you’ve had colder years in the past.”

He adds March will be warmer, by comparison, however, it will be colder than average.
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