How We Spend Our Work Day

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How We Spend Our Work Day

So according to this study, employees only work, on average about 2 hours and 52 minutes a day….

It makes it down and says:

    Checking social media - 47%
    Reading news websites - 45%
    Discussing out of work activities with colleagues - 38%
    Making hot drinks - 31%
    Smoking breaks - 28%
    Text/instant messaging - 27%
    Eating snacks - 25%
    Making food in office - 24%
    Making calls to partner/ friends- 24%
  • Searching for new jobs - 19%
Breaking it down even more:

    Checking social media - 44 minutes (spent doing this during working day)
    Reading news websites - 1 hour 5 minutes
    Discussing out of work activities with colleagues - 40 minutes
    Making hot drinks - 17 minutes
    Smoking breaks - 23 minutes
    Text/instant messaging - 14 minutes
    Eating snacks - 8 minutes
    Making food in office- 7 minutes
    Making calls to partner/ friends - 18 minutes
    Searching for new jobs- 26 minutes
You can check out the full study here!
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