International Women's Day should increase awareness to...

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International Women's Day should increase awareness to...

International Women's Day should increase awareness to discrimination and pressure felt by females

International Women's Day should be celebrated, but the Executive Director of Girls Inc. Fort McMurray says the day should also draw attention to the barriers still facing women in the workplace.

Ann Dort-Mclean says although Fort McMurray is a city of opportunity for females, discrimination still exists.

"They're a good electrician , but are they being treated with the respect that they deserve in the workplace? Are they being treated as an anomaly because they shouldn't be an electrician? Or, you're an engineer, why are you an engineer, you're a woman? While we have some perfect examples of women doing some amazing things in those non-traditional roles, I think that they're day-to-day work life might be a little harder than it should be."

According to the University of Alberta's Parkland Institute, in 2009, women working full-time in Alberta earned 68% of what their male counterparts were paid.

McLean also says women, especially young girls, continue to come under too much unnecessary pressure.

"Our worth is wrapped up way too much on what we look like or how we respond to the male. Those messages effect how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about our friends, how we treat our friends, what we buy, and it even effects career choices," said McLean.
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