KidSport Wood Buffalo Set To Kick Off Community Fundraising Campaign

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KidSport Wood Buffalo Set To Kick Off Community Fundraising Campaign

A local group is helping parents who are struggling to make ends-meat to ensure their kids can play organized local sports.

KidSport is a national organization with local chapters, which focuses on getting youth involved in sports that they otherwise could not afford to play.

Paying for registration for most sports can often be burdensome on parents and in Fort McMurray, organized sports can be more expensive than other towns.

Wood Buffalo Chapter Coordinator Meryl Makinson tells Fort McMurray News providing these kids with these resources gives them a chance to live healthier and happier lives.

“Playing sports allows kids to be very well rounded. I think all of us would want our kids to have the opportunity to experience things outside of just school and playing sports can actually help kids improve academic performance by showing them how to set goals and how to time manage.”

KidSport Wood Buffalo give kids a chance to shoot a puck, swing a bat, smash a ball or swim a lap – all in the name of that positive lifestyle.

Makinson says they are looking to raise $30,000 for kids to play organized sports in the region.

“We’re really focusing on local awareness. So, fifty per cent of our goal for this program is to just increase awareness across the region. Awareness about KidSport and what exactly it is we do and the support that we can provide to families.”

KidSport Wood Buffalo will kick off their fundraising campaign on February 16.

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