LGBTQmunity opens arms to residents of every sexuality

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LGBTQmunity opens arms to residents of every sexuality

Are you worried about your coworkers, peers or friends not accepting you?

The LGBTQmunity says for coming out can be scary for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning people in Fort McMurray.

Marketing Coordinator for LGBTQ, Kaitlynn Ross, says that there is a huge stigma to anyone who is not straight in our industry drive community.

"There’s a huge stigma towards anyone who is not straight, essentially. It’s really frustrating and that’s another key reason why this has got to stop. People are people. There are tons of people in the town who identify as LGBTQ, but they’re terrified to come out or say anything because of the community they live in."

The group works together to bring the LGBTQmunity out through a series of events such as movie nights, swimming trips at Mac Island.

"We try really hard to make them feel accepted within the city, because some go onto the oil sands, they identify as LGBTQ in town, but out on-site, they won’t, because it’s not OK," says Ross.

"Everyone contributes to the community, and without having certain individuals as part of the certain community within the community, not having their contribution, then that means that not everyone is heard, it’s not a real community feel without having everyone really working together."

Ross adds that they hope their pride parade, Proud 2 Be Me, this Summer will increase community awareness and acceptance.

For more information visit the groups Facebook page Fort McMurray LGBTQmunity.
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Re: LGBTQmunity opens arms to residents of every sexuality

Unread postby jango » Sat Apr 20, 2013 6:49 pm

pride parade in the mac? this i have to see 8-)
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