More concerns brought forward at Public School town hall meetings

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More concerns brought forward at Public School town hall meetings

Local parents and educators didn't hold back when it comes to their children's education.

The Fort McMurray Public School District is facing a $4 million deficit this year, leading to a series of town hall meetings to seek feedback on their projected shortfall from the public.

Two solutions have been tabled, a compressed instructional week and the possible grade reconfiguration.

Many parents spoke up about the concerns they see with the two solutions being put forward.  

"All four of my kids are now in French Immersion and three of them have graduated with a double diploma from the school for that." explains one concerned father, Jim. " We watched the growing pains that happened when the school started the program, getting the teachers and the programs involved. Now we are at the point where the school has matured to this process and I would have to see that change because it is an excellent process."


"It is going to give them an unrealistic view for the future and I don't believe that is going to be beneficial for them." explains mother of one, Diana. "With respect to the school reconfiguration, I would be more in favor to that than moving to a four day week."

"Today's students are the future of our Nation's. I have heard so many speakers today, and so many of them are teachers." explains concerned father, Hermander. "If the teacher's feel that way there is a potential of affecting kids education by implementing any of these changes. Let's not affect our children's education as they are our future."  

Other concerns that were brought forward to the board included a loss of gym and music class time and the effect it will have on the excellent programs the school board offers.

As well, teachers from both the Catholic and Public School board spoke about possible cuts to support staffs time in the school and how it affects their pay.

Parents concerns and questions will be taken into consideration as the board prepares to redraft their 2012/2013 budget.

The next town hall meeting is tonight at Composite High School at 7:00 pm. 
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Re: More concerns brought forward at Public School town hall meetings

Unread postby MacDaddy » Thu Feb 07, 2013 12:51 pm

Dennis Parsons sure had plenty of money to throw around for their centennial celebrations last year though. Now they want to cut Fridays all together? Where is the cost savings in that? Screw the front line staff that get paid hourly? I bet they won't be slashing teacher and management pay by 20% Perhaps they will get a percentage of all the extra money the childcare industry will be making if they go through with idea.
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