New App To Help Pay Traffic Tickets Launches In Fort McMurray

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New App To Help Pay Traffic Tickets Launches In Fort McMurray

A Calgary-based tech company is making it easy for Fort McMurrayites to pay their traffic tickets.

'Rooco' is a web-based app that just launched in Fort McMurray – and allows users to pay for any traffic infraction right from their phone in less than 90 seconds.

Through a complex algorithm, the app selects tickets with the greatest chance for either reduced fines or to be withdrawn and takes on the risk to help you fight the infraction.

COO and Co-Founder Adam Ashton tells Fort McMurray News Rooco will fight to help take away the stress that comes with paying traffic fines.

“Some people are just paying the ticket because they don’t want to deal with the hassle. They don’t want to find parking, they don’t want to go to the courthouse, they don’t want to take time off work or hire a babysitter. All Rooco is doing for you is giving you the opportunity to pay your ticket and pay less.”

Through the app, users can save around 10-15% of the initial listed amount of their fines.

Ashton adds regardless of the amount on the ticket, or the outcome in court – all you will pay is the initial discounted price – with no legal repercussions.

“You’re able to do it on your mobile phone or computer and from there, you take a picture or just upload a photo directly to your computer to us. It will give you an amount to pay, you pay that amount and we deal with the rest. The ticket, as far as you know, has been dealt with.”

Being from Fort McMurray, Ashton says he sees the community as a diverse, melting pot – which makes for a perfect test market for the app.

He says they felt launching the app here would give them a good sense of what the market is like on a national scale.

“It’s a big snapshot of Canada and it’s just a nice little pocket of an area where we can see what the demand is out there. There are people always coming and going, it’s a community unto itself, with deep roots. That’s what we wanted when we launched this.”

To try the app out, simply head to and upload any traffic ticket you’d like dealt with.
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