The More You Know!: How to make a phone battery last longer!

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The More You Know!: How to make a phone battery last longer!

You’ve heard the old wives tales like storing the battery in the fridge, unplugging the battery the second it’s charged, only charging when it’s 100% dead; but do these work?

Short answer: No. In fact you may actually be ruining your battery with some of these.

Long answer: Still no but let me explain. First off we need to go over how batteries actually work.

How Do Batteries Work?

Batteries consist of 4 parts; a casing, 2 electrodes, and an electrolyte. As you use a battery electrons (basically electricity) moves from a negative electrode into a positive electrode while the electrolyte makes it so they can only move one way. When you recharge a battery you are basically just switching the process around so the electrons go back to the negative electrode. Here’s a diagram


How do I make my battery last longer?

Some of those myths do work… just not for most of your devices. Those myths work with nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal-hydride batteries. Your phone/laptop however uses a much more advanced type of battery called a lithium-ion battery. These batteries do get damaged if overcharged but the batteries and the chargers are designed to stop charging once they are at 100%

If you charge a lithium-ion battery only when it’s at 100% that can actually make their battery lives SHORTER. These batteries should always be charged before they reach 70% to maximize battery life. The higher the battery life when you plug it in the longer the battery will last.

Finally the “put it in the fridge myth”. This is half true. When a battery is hot in loses charge faster but keeping it in the fridge may actually be worse. Fridges are FULL of water vapour and all that water vapour wants to do is become ice, your battery is the perfect place to do that which can severely damage the battery.


Now you know. Go forth with this knowledge and enjoy your everlasting batteries. Remember if you have any science questions for me to answer just ask in the comments!

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