The More You Know! “You’ve been trying to lose weight wrong”

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The More You Know! “You’ve been trying to lose weight wrong”

Turns out that the age old solution of exercise and you’ll slim down is actually pretty much useless. I know that sounds ridiculous but stick with me.

Vox did an interview with Kevin Hall PHD an expert on weight loss who is quoted as saying “Exercise isn’t a weight loss tool per-say, it’s excellent for health; possibly the single best thing for your health aside from quitting smoking but don’t look at it as a weight loss tool”

ImageThe guy’s JOB is helping people lose weight with science. I think he’s trustworthy

The reason exercise is all but useless for effective weight loss is because of how our bodies gain and use energy. When we ingest calories think of it as charging a battery. Only about 10% of your daily energy goes toward physical movement and 30% if you exercise often; about 1% goes toward breaking down food and the rest goes toward normal body function. You actually burn more calories total writing fan fiction than you do in an hour work out at the gym. A study from The National Institutes of Health Body Weight Planner showed that if a 200lbs man ran for an hour 4 times a week for a month he would only lose about 5lbs. It doesn’t stop there.

Psychology research shows that when people start an exercise routine we find ways to balance out our energy output to make it almost the same as when we started. For example if you did the treadmill at the gym in the morning you are less likely to walk to work. Not only that but when we do lots of exercise we are more likely to allow ourselves treats like a chocolate bar or pizza under the idea of “I earned this”.

Image“It’s cool I just went for an hour run”

The reason so many people are overweight isn’t because of lack of exercise, it’s because we eat garbage. Marilyn Monroe; a sex icon even today ate whatever she wanted and drank like a fish and barely gained weight. I do that and I put on 100’s of pounds. Why? Because when Marilyn Monroe was alive food was food. If you want to lose weight instead of spending money going to the gym exhausting yourself start by focusing on the food you eat. Instead of that Pizza Pop at lunch maybe eat some fruit or better yet just make your own with real ingredients instead of chemicals and cardboard! Try eating a normal diet and I guarantee you that you will see a more immediate and a more pronounced difference.

Remember that Food Pyramid from middle school? Try actually following it.

ImageEverything here is straight forward…. except you don’t need 8 glasses of water, just drink when your body says it’s thirsty…. that’s why it does that.

I’m not saying don’t exercise. I’m saying if your going to exercise don’t waste your time by also eating horribly. You’ll get stronger and more fit but you won’t lose any weight.

Hopefully this’ll help you with your new years resolution! Remember “The more you know… the further you’ll go”

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