The New Trailer For DC’s ‘TITANS’ Is Aggressively Edgy

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The New Trailer For DC’s ‘TITANS’ Is Aggressively Edgy

I’m sure it’ll be a fine show but based solely off DC’s newest Trailer it looks like ‘TITANS’ won’t be the live-action reboot of Cartoon Networks ‘Teen Titans’ we’ve all secretly wanted. Check it out!

Warning for some coarse language

Seems like for the most part they are sticking with the same overly gritty style the movies have been following since ‘Man of Steel’ which can work well if done properly, but from this trailer, I’m not sure that will be the case.

Raven, Starfire, and even the brief look we got at Beast Boy all look incredible but something about Robin just rubs me the wrong way. Robin can be done as a cold and calculating character but in the trailer, Robin starts us off by straight up murdering a bunch of people followed up by saying “F**k Batman” straight to the camera. He comes across almost psychotic more than anything else and the sudden hate for Batman feels out of character. It’s looking less like a narrative tool and more like a hamfisted way to tell audiences that the Ben Affleck Batman of the past is out of the picture. We’ll have to see as more trailers drop what we can actually expect from these characters but for now, it seems like DC took all the criticisms of their work over the past few years and doubled down on them instead of learning and adapting. Here’s hoping they can surprise us.

What do you think? Let me know below!
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