You Would Never Believe Who This Cat Looks Like!!!!!

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You Would Never Believe Who This Cat Looks Like!!!!!

So you have probably seen IT, if you haven’t…. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!

Halloween's right around the corner, and like last time when everyone was a clown because of Suicide Squad, this year, everyone's going to be a clown because of Pennywise.

But it looks like one cat has a edge over everyone… because it looks EXACTLY like Pennywise!


That is Marla, I didn’t lie , she looks exactly like him!

Apparently, despite her “I want to steal your boat and eat your kids every 27 years,” look she is a very happy and loving kitty!

But the internet can’t handle this, and not going lie, I CAN’T EITHER!

You can check out more pictures here!

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