Another Haul Truck Op (Keyano) Post.

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Another Haul Truck Op (Keyano) Post.

Hi. I'm from BC and I have been an insulator and spray foam applicator for the past seven years.

A friend who works for one of the big oil companies in Fort Mac suggested that I go to Keyano for the Haul Truck Operator Course. I called them and they said that the job is in high demand and that you basically get the job out of the course. Now, after reading this forum and a couple of the posts here, I am a little discouraged. I can get the money for the course and a couple thousand for the month of expenses, but after that I would be forced to find an insulating or labour job to pay rent until I can get hired for a job in that field that I would be educated in.

Knowing that, would you locals suggest I do this? I am a hard worker and the guy who works long hours so that isn't a problem.

I guess my two main questions are, is it really like a poster on this forum says with Keyano, where only a few people who take the course get a job? And if you don't, is it hard to get work to pass the time that will pay for that 1500 apartment and other bills until you finally get in?
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