Curious about fly in fly out opportunities

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Curious about fly in fly out opportunities

I'm curious about the fly in fly out jobs, always hearing lots of great things about them here in Nova Scotia. Wondering if there would be any opportunities for someone like me. A little about myself...
Back in 2006 I graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Technologist Diploma. Have been working in a cement plant for the past 7 years doing control room, lab, and field operation of the plant.
Have experience/training with mobile equipment; haul truck, loader, fork lift, skidsteer loader, overhead crane w/clamshell bucket.
Have safety experience and training in confined space, fall arrest/restraint, working at heights, as well as a genuine respect for safety.

I'm always hering about guys (with little or no work experience) going out west making lots of money just to come home and blow it all on big trucks, toys, and drugs. Myself, I'm only looking to better provide for my family. We currently have 2 children, and would like to have more. Someday would likely move out west permanently. Would have to make frequent home flights for now since we wouldn't want to uproot the kids from their extended family and schools.
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Re: Curious about fly in fly out opportunities

Unread postby Jouissante » Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:56 pm

Hi just wondering if you got any answers. I'm in the same spot wondering about flyin and out jobs? Got any suggestions?
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Re: Curious about fly in fly out opportunities

Unread postby 1crazylady » Sat Feb 08, 2014 8:30 pm

Most fly in/out jobs are through the unions. Check with your local hall to find out more info and if there are any open calls that allow eastern members to take Alberta calls. Submit resumes to international companies that do business in your field of expertise. Your safety training courses are not likely OSSA (Oil Sands Safety Association), so will not be valid here. Keep your eyes online at various job boards. Don't get sucked in by 'companies' that claim they will find you work out west as long as you register and pay their fee.

I am curious on something though... you don't want to uproot your kids right now due to school/family, yet you are planning to have more. So, are you planning to commute for 17+ years until the baby graduates high school? Would it not be easier to move while the kids are young and easily adaptable then when they are teenagers and are more likely to rebel/run away/'hate' you for ruining their lives? Is having daddy gone going to be easier on them than moving far away from grandparents? Is your wife prepared to be a single mother for most of the year? Are you prepared to not fit into the family routine every time you go home for a visit? Not trying to be rude or mean- these are just some if the issues I keep hearing from commuter co-workers. It will have a huge impact on your entire household/marriage/family- being that far away you likely will be away a minimum of 24 days at a time if a company is providing your flights. The Nova Scotia guy on my crew gets home for a week or so every 3 months (he pays for flights). he just accepts big cell phone bills and does a lot of 'FaceTime' on his iPad to stay in touch at home.

Best wishes to you, would rather have you trek across the country than a TFW from overseas.
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Re: Curious about fly in fly out opportunities

Unread postby MacDaddy » Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:12 am

Nicely said. I shake my head at those who work here and leave their family behind. Extended family is that important or do you worry about the loss of free babysitting. Keep the family together and move together. If things are bad where you live are you doing your kids a favour by raising them there? Is school better when the board is struggling with new cuts every year? Lots to do in a town struggling with its annual budgets? Is your marriage strong enough to handle daddy pay cheque poppin in for a couple of days every month? She can divorce you, and get the kids and house. Then to rub salt in the wound she can move in a new boyfriend who you will help support.

I find most of the people who hate working here are the ones who leave their families behind. They worry so much about the extended family they forget their immediate family. Then again, if they drive you nuts all the time commuting may be the best lifestyle for you.
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