IT (Information Technology/ Network Specialist/Admin) Jobs here?

What is the best place to work in Fort McMurray? Share your experiences.

IT (Information Technology/ Network Specialist/Admin) Jobs here?

I'm trying to decide something to go back to school for and this type of thing is what I think I would be good at, but I'm not sure just how much work is here for it or how hard it would be to get an entry level job. I've seen some posting but the requirements are asking for quite a bit of experience, certain certificates and most of the time a degree in something like Computer Science. Anyone work with this kind of stuff and could give some info?
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Re: IT (Information Technology/ Network Specialist/Admin) Jobs here?

Unread postby mcmurrian » Sun Jan 06, 2013 9:03 am

Fort Mac is not the best place for these types of jobs, there are a few employers which would have these types of positions but as you've seen they want experience. Big companies have a lot of IT stuff outsourced to bigger cities. IT work doesn't have to be done here. The pay is usually the same as other big cities. You'll have a better choice of positions in a bigger city and lower cost of living.
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