Teaching in Fort McMurray

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Teaching in Fort McMurray


I start work in Fort McMurray in July in the oilsands. My girlfriend has and education degree and is looking for a full time job here in Fort Mac to move up too. I was curious if anyone knew what the job availability is like for teachers in Fort Mac. I heard it was pretty good, but just curious if anyway has any first hand experience.
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Re: Teaching in Fort McMurray

Unread postby The Yeti » Thu May 02, 2013 11:34 am

My wife teaches here. It's better for job availability than most other places as a teacher, like Ontario is at the moment (10 years or so to get your own room).

Though right now is pretty rough as the school board is cutting staff due to the provincial budget being so badly out of whack. Also, the school board has very odd hiring practices. There are a pretty good crop of skilled and qualified teachers here in town working as supply teachers or filling in on maternity leaves. However, the board hires 20 or more teachers fresh out of teachers college and give them full time contracts. These brand new teachers are from other provinces and have no experience. If you are here and established it makes it very difficult to get your own classroom because of this. She has been here for 3 years and is still bouncing around every year, so it has been extremely frustrating for her. She is highly recommended by admin staff so it's not a job performance issue at all. It's really bizarre.

Once the budgets get sorted out it should make things better, but in the meanwhile it should be no problem for her to at least teach on the supply list. They are always looking for people to fill in. Good luck.
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