Welding in Ft. McMurray

What is the best place to work in Fort McMurray? Share your experiences.

Welding in Ft. McMurray

In the next couple months I'll be attending a Pre-Employment Welding Course in Alberta and from there I'll need to find my first welding job as a 1st year apprentice welder. I've never done welding before, but I can't wait to get started.

Can someone give me some pointers on the job situation for 1st year apprentice welders in Ft. McMurray? Is work in this situation easy to find?

What about good companies to approach?

My current plan is to get through my Pre-Employment Welding Course which only lasts 4 months, then driving up to Ft. McMurray to apply for jobs in person. Is that a good idea or is there a better way to get my foot in the door?

I'll be ready to work and work hard. I just need a point in the right direction.

Any and all info is greatly appreciated!

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