Moving from Ottawa

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Moving from Ottawa

Hey there, well I am looking for something new, just went through a breakup and need to get out of here . I am looking to move in Fort Mcmurray in the next 2 months. I will most likely be going with my car. Just have a few questions if you guys wouldnt mind. Btw i am 21 years old, highly motivated to make some money and just want to get started ASAP.

1.I heard there is not alot of girls, I tend to like them quite alot, how bad is it in Fort Mcmurray?

2. Is it easy to land a well paying job in the oil sands even before I leave Ottawa? (I graduated high school, speak french/english, have my full G license, clean driving record for 5 years and have a security guard license)

3. My plan is to have atleast 3000 dollars before I leave, is this enough?

4. I know on the camps usually you work for 21 days and off for 7 days. Most workers go back home on that 7 days but I wont be doing that, so I should probably try to find a place in Fort Mcmurray and try to find a job that I can go back at home a lot since ill be renting, or should i just suck it up and just stay in the camps 24/7 and not rent?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Moving from Ottawa

Unread postby MacDaddy » Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:52 pm


1) No females are allowed in Fort McMurray. There used to be an inexplicable epidemic of harry palmed men and chronic shortage of tissues. These both slowly resolved with the addition of saltpetre to the municipal water supply.

2) Finished high school and can drive a car? I am surprised the headhunter agencies haven't' been chasing you already.

3) $3000? That should cover first and last month rent, security deposit if you don't mind slumming it.

4) Stay in camp 24/7 Just make sure you mention this during your interview so they can let you pick the paint colours of your personal room.
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Re: Moving from Ottawa

Unread postby Pown » Sun Jul 28, 2013 6:05 pm

Lol thanks for the reply,which company would you recommend? The only one I heard of is Suncor, also my goal is to be a heavy equipment operator if you would have any hints for that, would be great. Would they pay for my certification if I stay with a company for awhile?
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Re: Moving from Ottawa

Unread postby mcmurrian » Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:40 pm

You should consider looking for work in and around Edmonton area, the cost of living is cheaper and once you get a trade move here.
1) You'll have harder time finding a gf here especially without job and not much savings, cost of living is high .
2) Without a trade you are looking at lower paying job and competing with other people without skills.
3) You can find a room for rent for about $800-1000/month, plus security deposit $800-1000, plus gas and food and your savings will be gone within 2 month.
4) You might be able to find a cleaning job at camp, but they won't let you stay there all the time and you will go crazy without working. The camps are outside the city in the middle of nowhere.

Without skills you probably won't find work for any of the big companies directly, most likely it would be some sub-contracting company
Check out or You might be able to get hired for something like that ... r.job.aspx
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Re: Moving from Ottawa

Unread postby dolphin » Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:49 am

I have seen some women around here. ha ha ha, actually quite a few of them. There are even some that are quite pretty. I think there must be fertility drugs in the water because they are delivering more than 100 babies a month in our hospital.

Try Garda Security, they seem to always be hiring. Another one is called Paladin. You will be wise to have a job before you arrive.

You could save some time and get your criminal check and drivers abstract done now. Those will be asked for.
You must pass a drug test and have a good drivers abstract.

You can find a room for $800 but it will be hard. They get taken quickly. Paying insurance for that car will be something you can't forget. Public transit is only $1.25 a ride but it stops at 9pm. You need to get some special Alberta testing done to cars to register them here from other provinces. So, stick with the Ontario plates for a while.

More money or credit cards to get you through for a few months would be better. $3k is a lot of money but it won't last long. Remember when you start a job there is always a delay until you get your first pay cheque. When I moved here I was buying groceries on my credit card for a while due to that reason, came broke and got through until the money started to roll in. I didn't have a car. Transportation to site is provided and free.

The people who have live and stay in town seem to be happier than those 21-7 camp people.
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Re: Moving from Ottawa

Unread postby nframp » Fri Nov 29, 2013 5:10 pm

1) there's tons of girls here, don't worry about that. It drives me nuts that people say there's no girls here, I came up and expected to see like 1 girl in 100 people. Its pretty close to half and half here, pretty much the same as everywhere else.

2) 3000 will go very fast here, be careful

3) I would not recommend being in camp all the time, it gets pretty horrible after a while. It'll drive you crazy eventually
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