Thinking of Moving Family from Vancouver Island...

Thinking about visiting or moving to Fort McMurray? Ask the people who live here your questions.

Thinking of Moving Family from Vancouver Island...

Hi everyone,

My husband just started a job in Ft. Mac and so far it's been tough on the family. It's do-able, but we have been thinking about the possibility of moving there. We have three young children. I've mostly heard the worst, but I don't want to be quick to judge. Just doing my research and seeing if it's something in our future. Are there a lot of family oriented activities? Outdoor activities? Playgrounds etc?
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Re: Thinking of Moving Family from Vancouver Island...

Unread postby The Yeti » Thu Oct 17, 2013 6:48 am

We have a great rec centre at Macdonald Island so sports are always happening. As for outdoor activities there are a huge number of playgrounds spread out in the Thickwood and Timberlea areas of town. We also have the Birchwood trails, a 26km series of well groomed trails that go through a series of ravines. It's a fantastic spot for running, hiking, and biking during the summer. It was originally designed as a cross-country ski circuit and is maintained by the city in the wintertime as well. If' you're into cross country skiing it's great, and if not the ptarmigan ski club will let you borrow some gear to try it out in the winter. It's a pretty awesome place, my favourite place to be in town hands down. There are a ton of dirt bike and quad trails around, I've ridden on a number of trails around town, and there are some good trails out there. We've got a small ski hill on the banks of the Clearwater river so you can bring the downhill skis too if you're into that.

I actually do a lot of snowshoeing in the winter. Just dress for it and you can have a great full day out in the cold. Lots of places to explore around town or out in the bush.

As far as keeping yourself entertained, if you are able to make your own fun happen there are a lot of options around here to keep you from getting stir crazy. Good luck!
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Re: Thinking of Moving Family from Vancouver Island...

Unread postby mcmurrian » Thu Oct 17, 2013 7:31 am

Just to add to Yeti's post there are lots of families with small kids here, and a lot of events for them through out the year.
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Re: Thinking of Moving Family from Vancouver Island...

Unread postby MacDaddy » Thu Oct 17, 2013 8:49 am

Don't take our word for it. ... lities.htm That link lists the many recreational facilities in the area and if you click around on the site there is more information.

I came here with my family and do not regret it one bit. This town hos problems but what town doesn't. Something else you should consider is the quality of your family life. I am sure your kids would like to have daddy come home each night to spend time with them. I am equally sure that he would also like to come home to his family each night instead of going to a camp facility . Then also consider the time and money wasted flying back and forth.

Generally I find the commuters are the ones who are always complaining about Fort McMurray, particularly if they have family living elsewhere.
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