Waitress in Fort McMurray...Yay or nay?

Thinking about visiting or moving to Fort McMurray? Ask the people who live here your questions.

Waitress in Fort McMurray...Yay or nay?

:D Hello everyone! :D

I currently live in Edmonton. I am thinking of moving to ft.Mac in June next year. I am looking for a new change in my life but mostly trying to save up money to go back to university again. (I have a diploma in Art but I cannot support myself by being just an artist, so I have my second job as a waitress)

So anyways How realistically is it to make a living in Ft. Mac just by serving/waitressing? My friend who used to live up there told me that servers there make more money than ones in Edmonton. However, my other friends here said "Don't go up there unless you have some oil-related job lined up for you. Basically if you were a waitress, you will be living on pay check by pay check."
Is it better off staying at the city and save up? I am willing to do anything to save up there pretty much, but just don't really know what is available.
I am an adventurous girl, and never been up there so one day I might just drive up and see what's up. but If you could throw me some comments, I'd very much appreciate it. I am very new to this forum, but hope to hear from someone :)
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Re: Waitress in Fort McMurray...Yay or nay?

Unread postby The Yeti » Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:20 pm

Sadly I think your friend may be right. As a waitress/server your wages and tips will likely be higher here than in Edmonton. On the flipside to that, it is also darn expensive to live up here. A single room in someone's house or basement will run about $800-1000 per month, a one bedroom apartment closer to $1600 a month, and a two bedroom apartment roughtly $2200 or higher. I've done the whole living in someone's house, and it wasn't great. Groceries are pricey too, and so are any services in town you'll likely need. I'm not sure what the wages for a waitress are here but money will definitely be tight.

If you were to move up with a bunch of coworkers and split the rent on a house, that would help cut down on costs and you could likely save a little more that way. If you know some people up here or have friends willing to give it a try that might make living up here more manageable.

Good luck either way!
The Yeti
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Re: Waitress in Fort McMurray...Yay or nay?

Unread postby nick123 » Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:21 pm

Thank you so much for a reply!
Yeah I was looking at some housings/rent there.. But I do pay pretty much the same amount in the city too ;-/
I might start asking my friends around if they are interested as you say.
Thanks again!! And Happy holidays!
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