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Hey everyone,

My friend and I are thinking about moving up from Vancouver for just a few months to waitress, as we are waitressing down here anyway because the job market is so bad in this city. If we only plan to stay a few months, does anyone have suggestions for the best way to approach housing? Are there short term options?

We are concerned with the same things as most people on other forum threads, safety and money. We plan to just work really hard and not party or go out at all, just save as much as we can in a short amount of time.

From what it sounds like, drug and crime can't be much more up there than what we are used to in East Van. But what is safety like for women? I've heard mixed rumours...

Also if we share a room together, how much can waitresses except to make? Is it really as good as they say, or is waitressing going to be a job where we only make enough to support the cost of living in FMM?

Does anyone have any experience waitressing up there, or know someone who does?

Many thanks!
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