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What is the best place to work in Fort McMurray? Share your experiences.

Power Engineer Qualifications

Hello, new to the forum. I saw the post from last year about the guy asking about power engineer jobs. I had further questions about that.

I worked in an oil refinery as an operator for 9 years. I moved to Canada and got my 4th class PE ticket. I'm wondering what other certifications would make me marketable for employment.

I'm thinking of getting the Oil Field Operator certificate and Gas Plant Operator certificate, but ...
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Camp- Security Guard

So is there any security guard who worked in FMM at a camp site. What exactly you do. How much you get paid. Easy to get such job in Alberta.

Waiting for reply
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Hi all. Irish plumber in Toronto here. I'm getting ready to sit my red seal in plumbing next week, once i have it i would like to work in the oil industry. I've been applying for jobs online but no luck so far. I would like to get fly in fly out work to start before making another big move across the country. I'm not that naive to think its just a matter of going ...
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Crane operator information

Hi all, My name is Scott and i`m posting this in the hope someone can offer information on working as a crane operator in Fort McMurry.
Firstly I should explain I am from Scotland and am currently working as a mobile crane op in Aberdeen.I have gained years of experience operating most modern cranes particularly Liebherr,Terrex,and Grove.
I have earned well in Aberdeen, however over the last 12 months I have noticed a down turn ...
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Salary help.


I was wondering if someone could help with a query I have.

I'm trying to work out if pursuing a move to Fort Mac is in my interest, but I am having some trouble determining what the compensation would be as every job I look at only seems to say that the salary is 'Excellent' or 'competitive'.

I'm looking for a position in supply chain and I would be ideally suited to a position ...
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Hiring and retaining staff

Looking for some advice from locals and current residents of Fort Mac...
Can anyone share their secrets to success for hiring and retaining staff in a retail environment? It seems everyone is in Fort Mac to work in oil and trades. Although the retail jobs tend to offer better hours and of course the pay is much higher than other cities in AB, I can't seem to hire or retain staff for more than 6 ...
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If I take Heavy Equipment Operator from Fleming College....

If I take Heavy Equipment Operator from Fleming College - what are the chances of me getting a job as an operator ?

Thank you in advance!
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What is the best trade to learn currently?

I am a 21 year old male who after 2 years of doing business at the UofA needs to start a new career path. I currently live in Fort Mac and was wondering what trade you all would recommend that could give a solid career in Alberta? I have pretty much everything I need academically (Pure Math 30, English/Social/Science 30-1) so upgrading isn't necessary for me.

I was told Power engineering was a possible choice ...
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Class 1 driver needs a job with camp

Hi guys. I've been searching everywhere for work up in fort McMurray. 14/7 or 20/10 split.
I'm even willing to start from steaming and move myself up in the company in due time.
I came here for guidance. The rumour is that the oil sands are in desperate need of workers. If that's true, why am I not being hired?
Does anyone know of any companies that are hiring? I'm sick of wow jobs etc.. ...
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What kind of jobs wud be good new grad in Management Science

I'm about to finish my 4 year degree in management science at York University Toronto . The Management science program is equivalent to Supply Chain Management theory and concepts (I. E. Purchasing, Warehouse/Manufacturing, Transportation/Logistics). I was wondering what jobs would good for experience and/or pay in this field at my entry level.
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