What would you want...

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What would you want...

Out of sheer curiosity, if there was a new dog and cat boarding kennel to open in Fort McMurray to compete with MacKenzie kennels, what would you like to see at this facility?

Just trying to get something going in this thread! :)
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Re: What would you want...

Unread postby Chickpea » Mon Jul 29, 2013 11:15 am

I'm a cat person, however I think we need more than two kennels. My friends with dogs take theirs to kennels outside Edmonton because ours fills up.
The market will therefore allow for more than one.
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Re: What would you want...

Unread postby 1crazylady » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:10 pm

clean and spacious. The folks at M Kennel are very nice, but my dogs smell horrible when picked up after a stay (spring thaw is the worst due to the dirt/gravel outdoor portion of the kennels). A boarding facility that offers to bath your pet the day it is due to go home would be wonderful (even for an extra fee). The ability to comfortably house two large dogs (80lbs each) in one kennel would be a perk as mine behave & relax better together. Having a play yard at least equivalant to a regular home yard size would be nice so they could get the zoomies out at least once a day. Awesome perk would be surveillance that a pet parent can log into to check on their bundle of fur (even for an extra fee).
(sigh) if such a place ever did exist in Ft Mac it would likely be very high priced and with a constant waiting list to get in. So, off we go to Leduc to fly out of YEG after boarding the pooches rather than being able to conveniently start vacationing right from YMM.
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Re: What would you want...

Unread postby pamplemousse » Tue Aug 27, 2013 11:07 am

I'm quite content to board my dog in Edmonton and fly out of there.

The kennel I use (Club Mead) is on the same street as the airport, is reasonably priced and my dog absolutely loves it there. She gets tons of play time, a bath and a nail clip.

Factoring in the extra-ridiculous fares to fly out of YMM and how over-priced (and under-staffed) a kennel would be here, you'd have to pay me to make the switch.
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