Building your own accomodations - is it possible?

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Building your own accomodations - is it possible?

Hello all,

Just an Ontario boy sick of competing for lousy low-paying jobs out here and considering a move out west, and somewhat staggered by the choice of living conditions out there. I've seen videos and read blogs about both the work camps and rental situation - buying a home is also expensive.

I am a professional carpenter and home renovator considering buying a plot somewhere and building on it. I would not likely not be on the grid but could build a septic bed/tank, buy a generator and water filtration system... Compared to the costs I've seen (starting at 1500 for a junior one bedroom) I think the way to go is building my own place. Full time I could have it done in a month.

The place: one floor, 12x20, shed attached, kitchenette, bedroom or murphy bed, attic storage, fully insulated and portable.

Is this feasible? Is there land for sale/lease? Will the city permit it? can I sneak off and build in the back woods via rough road access? Or is a RV or camper trailer more feasible?

Any thoughts on the subject?
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Re: Building your own accomodations - is it possible?

Unread postby treasures » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:15 pm

The bylaws up here are very strict when it comes to squatters... if it were permitted & accepted everyone would be doing it again & the outer areas would look like garbage dumps & shacks, don't think you would get away with it lol
There are lots available for purchase in different areas of town - there are also a few campgrounds where people rent the lot & their RV's have been modified for the long cold winters they may permit you to build a nice little unit.
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Re: Building your own accomodations - is it possible?

Unread postby 1crazylady » Wed Jan 11, 2012 8:49 pm

Land is not cheap. A mobile home lot in Gregoire sells for over $250,000 and land prices pretty much go up from there. A lot of the land outside of town is muskeg. Best wishes to you & hope you have a job before your arrival :)
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