Why no development talk?

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Why no development talk?

I lived in Calgary until not too long ago and I was an active member of the SSP forum where alot of discussion takes place about current proposed developments, what future developments people would like to see, ect...

http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/forumdi ... orumid=416

Fort McMurray is actually represented on the forum with this thread.


But it is not updated and not actively taken part in by people.

These types of things can be very useful for both people living in a community to see what is comming up for them and for people outside of communities to see what a city is all about and whether they want to move there, invest there, ect...

I am currently in the market to buy a property, a house, condo, not sure what yet but I am VERY curious to know what if anything is already in the books to be built in Parson's Creek, higher end condos in a tapering building with large patios overlooking the water and floor to ceiling windows? Yeah, I would wait for that. High end condo in the new Gregoire area being built with a view over the golfcourse? Yes please. The city is planning their massive overhaul of downtown, a complete rebuid of the waterfront, I would love to see some proposed builds, are there any known top quality builders looking at bidding for soem of the land and building a truly high end condo in Fort Mac overlooking the water? Could we maybe see this type of thing, an Arthur Erikson building that was proposed for Calgary but that was passed on.



But there is bugger all for information out there. Unlike calgary where there is TONS of information about upcomming projects and construction, renderings all over, site plans, we in Fort McMurray have so very little. Calgary's East Villiage is being redeveloped in a major way, akin to what the Fort McMurray Downtown Core is being talked about, but it has renderings of new hotels, renderings of the new and architecturally stunning National Music Center, new renderings of propsed condo developments, people are getting to know what to expect and anticipate.

Fort Mcmurray needs some more energy and exposure to our projects, we need to get some looks, not see a groundbreaking, see a building pop up, and then go "hmm, great another boring uninspired design with a flat roof, rectangle shape, no interesting angles, and that probably also has a leaking parkade/foundation that will cost the home owners a few million to fix..."
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Re: Why no development talk?

Unread postby mcmurrian » Sun Feb 10, 2013 5:13 pm

I would love to see more posts about future construction here. It's very exciting to see how this city can grow and transform into a big city.
Unfortunately posts like Quarry Ridge - Golf course condos south of the city, Green Condos, Hangingstone condos don't seem to attract much discussion
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