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Interest in Cycling club in Fort McMurray

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Re: Interest in Cycling club in Fort McMurray

there is a mountain biking group for fort mcmurray you may want to check out
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Re: Interest in Cycling club in Fort McMurray

Unread postby bloodsplint » Thu Aug 30, 2012 12:31 pm


I was just told about this forum and I like what I see. If you haven't seen it already the Mountainbike McMurray Facebook group has a couple of people working towards getting some new mountain bike specific trails built. I guess I am the one spear heading it and I would love to combine our efforts, rather than work against each other.

My biggest goals are to get a dedicated group of people together to promote mountain biking in Fort McMurray as well as a trail crew to built some fun and sustainable trails.

I've already been in contact with Vista Ridge and the City about getting permisions to build trails and I have gotten positive feedback from both. Vista Ridge is currently replacing a ski lift and working towards a new golf course and zip line. They are definitely interested in lift access and cross country mountain biking once they get the groundwork laid for the zip line and the golf course. Unfortunately this might be a couple of years away.

The City/Parks is also very interested in working with us towards an enhanced trail network. The city's biggest concern at the moment is having us organizing in some sort of official capacity. With that done I have a contact willing to set up discussions with the appropriate people from the city so that we can work towards expanding the trail network.

WoodBuffaloCycling if you want to get in contact with me directly feel free to email me ( or find me on the Mountainbike McMurray facebook page, I'd love coordinate and consolidate our efforts

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