STT welding process

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STT welding process

Hello everyone,
could somebody answer me the following:
Which welding machine (Miller or Esab) has the same technology as Lincoln Invertec STT II?
Thank you in advance,

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Re: STT welding process

Unread postby jango » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:26 pm

Have a look at this document from Lincoln:
Invertec process is included in lincoln units only (research and development by Lincoln), its basically smart current control independent of wire feed speed based on the short created at the tip. Invertech uses current waveform control ( interval and time) independent of the wire speed feed.

Miller has similar techniques that can produce similar results with their Accu Pulse technology see the following link:

hope that helps :)
Its just arc control called different names by different companies, talk to their reps and get some more info.
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